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Info for Homeowners, sellers and/or home buyers What Would a Recession Mean for the Housing Market?             According to a recent survey from the Wall Street Journal, the percentage of economists who believe we’ll see a recession in the next 12 months is growing. When surveyed in July 2021, only 12% of economists consulted thought there’d be a recession by now. But this July, when polled, 49% believe we […]
Info for Homeowners, sellers and/or home buyers Home Partners of America – how the lease purchase works Home Partners of America  What is the Lease Purchase Program? Find a home listed for sale that’s right for you. We buy it and lease it to you with the peace of mind of locked-in rent amounts and purchase prices. Live in the home as a renter with the option to buy it at any […]
Info for Homeowners, sellers and/or home buyers So are we in a recession? Fri July 29, 2022 If you’re confused about whether the US economy is in a recession, you’re not alone. On one hand, gross domestic product, a key measure of economic output, shrank for the second straight quarter this week, raising fears that the country has entered — or will soon enter — recession territory. On the other […]
Info for Homeowners, sellers and/or home buyers Signs the Housing Market Is Cooling Down—and What This Means for Buyers and Sellers   Despite the sweltering heat, real estate’s red-hot tear is, at long last, slowing down and chilling out. In our series “How’s the Housing Market This Week?” we look at the four crucial indicators: home prices, new listings, days on the market, and mortgage rates. For the week ending July 23 (the most recent research available), all […]
Info for Homeowners, sellers and/or home buyers Mortgage basics – the process Mortgage basics We are positive you can do this. Here’s everything you need to get started. We know that choosing a mortgage is one of the biggest financial decisions of your life, and we’re committed to making your mortgage loan process seamless, friendly and as financially smart for you as possible. Below, we’ll walk you […]
Info for Homeowners, sellers and/or home buyers Closing Cost Calculator: How much are closing costs on a house? Before you own a new home, you’ll need to settle the closing costs on your mortgage and purchase. Our closing cost calculator can help you estimate what these charges will look like to help you prepare for every expenditure when buying a home.   Closing cost calculator     Connect with me, I’m here to […]
Info for Homeowners, sellers and/or home buyers How much house can I afford?   How much house can you afford? It’s an important question to answer before you hire Rupa Nunamaker as your real estate agent and start house hunting. With so many factors to consider — the down payment, interest rates, property taxes and your monthly expenses, to name just a few — answering the seemingly simple […]
Mortgage, Credit, Financing, Buying a Home WHAT RISING MORTGAGE RATES MEAN FOR YOU   Mortgage rates have been making a move. After a period of record lows that roughly spanned the previous two years, rates have been on their way up in 2022. The U.S. central bank has announced its intention to fight inflation with higher interest rates, which means mortgage rates seem poised to continue their rise. […]
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