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Some Money-saving ideas around your home. 

1. If the air-conditioner is on, grill dinner outside. If you have to use an oven, use a toaster oven as much as possible. Heating up the house is counter-productive if you are trying to cool it at the same time. 

2. Do the laundry with cold water instead of warm. Today's laundry detergents are specially designed to clean just as well in cold water as they are in warm water. You'll be saving money by not heating up that water. 

3. When drying clothes, use a setting like permanent press or other lower heat setting. Using a lower heat setting, or even air drying some clothes will make them last longer too. 

4. Close pantry and closet doors when the air-conditioning is on. It might seem like a minor thing, but you don't need to be cooling the space in all your closets. Little things add up. 

5. When you're not home, turn the air-conditioner up a few degrees. But not too much. You don't want to crank it up more than 10 degrees from your comfort zone or it will take even more energy to cool it down. 

6. Install and use ceiling fans. Ceiling fans help you feel cooler whenever you are in the room. It also helps keep air circulated, but when you aren't in the room, turn the setting to the lowest level. 

7. Adjust window blinds or curtains to keep sun out or in depending on the season. In the winter, open up the window coverings to let the sun in to help warm up the room. In the summer, keep them closed during the heat of the day as much as possible. 

8. Plant shade trees. Trees help keep the house cooler, but they should be strategically placed to shade the house. 

9. Switch out incandescent bulbs for LED bulbs. The initial cost for the LED bulbs is higher, but they last longer and use much less energy, which equates to a greater saving in the long run. 


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