Small Bathroom? Tips for organizing and storage.

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Small bathrooms can create a challenge when merging form and function in the space, but they don't have to appear cluttered or unorganized. 

Aside from the obvious - painting it a white or a light color, here are some tips to create some storage space and to keep it organized to make the bathroom work for you. 

1. Instead of towel bars, incorporate coat hooks that take up less wall space. Think outside the box when picking out the "hooks".  For example, use small boat cleats for a beach themed bathroom. Using non-traditional ideas bring in an added dimension of character to the space.

2. One of the easiest ways to make a small bathroom appear bigger, is to bring in light. Use bright LED lights. Trade out the mirror for a larger one. The mirror will reflect light, making the room feel more spacious. 

3. Mount a shelf above the bathroom door. The area above the door is often overlooked and wasted. With a shelf mounted there, you can use small totes or baskets to store items that aren't used daily. Mount shelves on other walls, if the space permits. Be sure that someone won't accidentally hit their head!

4. Create a place for the hairdryer. Inside the cabinet door, mount a magazine holder to holster your hairdryer. 

5. Use magnets. A magnetic knife holder, like the one used in the kitchen, can be mounted inside a cabinet or along the wall to corral hair pins and metal make up tins. You can also buy small metal jars to store small items or jewelry. 

6. Hang an adjustable spring tension curtain rod on the inside of the cabinet. This rod can be used to hang spray bottles. An 'S' hook can also be added for other items to hang. 

7. Another kitchen idea is to use a spice rack in the bathroom. It can hold small bottles of lotions, shampoos and conditioners.




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