Hot Weather Meal Strategies

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Hot Weather Meal Strategies

Plan ahead. Make menus each week and stick to them.

Use your freezer. Buy meats, fruits and veggies on sales and freeze. Freeze meat in marinades, fresh fruit pieces for snacks and smoothies, and look for freezable dessert recipes.

Cook with everything but the oven. Use your rice steamer, the crock pot, pressure cooker and your grill. Think outside the box, like cooking pizza on the grill, instead of the oven. 

Don’t forget your microwave—they don’t heat up the kitchen the way ovens and stoves do. Pre-cook potatoes and then throw them on the grill for bakers. 

Take advantage of plentiful fresh produce. Hit the produce stand for summer veggies, like corn, or fruits, like melons. 

When you cook, make it count. Cook once, but plan to eat at least three times. Repurpose steak by adding it to noodles for a stroganoff or making it into fajitas.. 

Make use of pre-prepared foods, if you are short on time. But add to them to make them your own. 



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