Fun Facts about Smiling - You should do it more!

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SMILE - It's Contagious! Yes, that is a fact. 


Here are some other facts about smiling you might not have known:


1. Smiling relieves stress. Who doesn't need to release some stress, right?

2. Smiling is exercise! Like how easy is that? Smiling uses over 50 muscles in your face.

3. Smiling could get you a promotion at work. When you smile, you come across as more confident, attractive, sociable and honest. What's not to love about a person that smiles?

4. Babies are born knowing how to smile. A lot of what babies learn are from observing those around them, but it is believed that smiling is something we all are born with, even blind infants know how to smile. 

5. Pain can be alleviated by smiling. Since smiling releases endorphins, it acts as a natural pain reliever. Who knew?

6. Your mood can be boosted just by smiling. Get out of that bad mood rut, go smile, it will help you feel better. 

7. Every culture understands smiling as an act of happiness. You can't say that about hugs or handshakes. 


So if the first 3 didn't start you from smiling more, hopefully the other points did. Now, go SMILE already. :)


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