Easy Home Improvement Projects to add style

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Home Improvement

Home Improvement ideas. 

Here are some DIY ideas to spruce up your home and give it some extra style. These aren't overly difficult or complicated tasks, but they can make a room or area look classier. 

1. Floating shelves added to a wall add both style and functionality. There are a number of sizes and material choices available now. They are great to add small plants of framed photographs. Larger shelves can also accommodate books too. Just be careful not to stuff them and make the shelves too cluttered. 

2. Light fixtures that are dated can be switched out with more stylish and modern options. They are a great way to boost a room's appeal and provide much needed lighting. 

3. Updating old baseboards will help modernize a room. It's best to paint them before installation so that you only need to touch up the paint after they are in. Crown molding in more traditional homes is another way to add some elegance to a room, such as the living room. 

4. An accent wall painted with a pop of color is an easy DIY that makes a big impact. A color that compliments the other colors in the room and stays consistent with warm or cool tones is important. 

5. Spruce up the backyard with a patio area for seating. Add a fire pit. There are a number of ready to build kits available from your local home improvement stores that provide the bricks and the metal liner. 


None of these DIY projects take too much time, but it's best to allow a weekend to complete so that you aren't leaving a project in limbo. That is not a good look. 

Which one(s) are you trying? I'd like to know. 


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