Curb Appeal - 6 simple tasks to create a 'WOW'

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Curb Appeal - Create that 'Wow' now. 

The front of the house is the first place that a person sees. It is important to make that good first impression. This is called curb appeal, and it can make a difference in the price of the sale. Below is a checklist of some simple things that you can do to up the 'Wow' factor of your home. 

In today's market, curb appeal is important, but connect with me to prioritize what, if anything, needs to be done. Most buyers right now are looking past the small things.

However, since many of today's buyers are shopping for homes online, it is important that photographs of the front of the house show very well. That first online view is critical. The house shouldn't be hidden behind a bunch of overgrown vegetation or looking frumpy because it won't prompt a buyer to want to see more. 

*  Add some fresh mulch, flowers and some inexpensive solar lights around the front of the house and up the walkway.  
*  Paint your front door a fresh color 
*  Rake up leaves and dead vegetation and trim bushes. Or just pull them out altogether, if they are unruly.  
*  Apply large, clearly visible house numbers.  
*  Leave the front porch light on at night so that potential buyers can see the front of the house.  
*  Keep the lawn trimmed and edged throughout the whole selling process.  

There are other things that you can always do, like pressure washing the driveway, but doing the above simple things will go a long way. The general idea is to make the front of the home as neat and clean looking as the inside. 



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